Thursday, January 04, 2007

SO, I don't know that anyone is really checking this space regularly anymore but if you happen to have found yourself looking at this page you might be wondering why the exciting advent calendar suddenly stopped before reaching it's Christmas Day end. I would first like to make clear that the kittens should not be blamed in any way - well, except that I probably would have taken the time to figure out this problem if there had not been warm and squeezable bundles of fur running around the house to distract me. But the root cause is that Blogger switched over to some new Blogger and somehow that's made it so I can't easily send things to post here from my Flickr account, and much of the time it has seemed impossible to log onto this account to post anything at all. Which isn't so terrible, as I still don't find myself feeling like writing much of anything in this new year, but it did kinda derail the holiday fesetivity here. Oh, ALso, I did not have a chance to share the fact that my set of Christmas images of Flickr, Christmas Island, was featured on Boing-Boing and I got all sortsa thousands of hits from that!

In any case, for the time being this "blog" will remain on hiatus... I have a feeling i'll be coming up with some sorta crazy plan for it as 2007 progresses, but for now if you have any interest in keeping tabs on what I might be up to, follow the fotos. And I'm really hoping I might get off my ass and write a letter or two to some of the fine folks that might possibly be checking in here too. For now, Scoo out!