Wednesday, May 26, 2004

There are some scattered reports of reader confusion regarding our posts in foreign languages. For those of you in the bewildered camp, I'll walk you through one. First you read the foreign jibber-jabber, then you select and copy the text, then you go to the Babel Fish translation page (found at the top of our Links list on the right), paste it into the "translate a block of text" box, select the appropriate translation (in this and most cases: Spanish to English), hit translate, and wallow in the hilarity of it all. Before or after this last step you should also go to the link embedded in the text to see what I'm referring to, of course. Here we go:

Senorita del almacén grande, este swimsuit que usted me ha demostrado no está para ésos tales como me y de mi gordura. Maldigo mi madre y sus galletas del día de fiesta. ¡Ack, digo a ella!


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