Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's been awhile since we've learned about a new mammal, and though this one isn't small or furry they still seem very nice and are in danger (of course, what isn't). Here's where to go to help Save The Manatee, but don't get fooled like I did by their misleading campaign to "Bring Home a Manatee For The Holidays". I was picturing something along the lines of when Brandon would bring home some homeless guy to the Walsh family meal on 90210 and for one brief moment thought I might have someone to share my Thanksgiving TV dinner with, but it turns out you just get a t-shirt or calendar if you adopt a manatee (and no, it's not even a real adoption, as that whole experience with the Native Elder taught me all too well...) In addition to being lovable, manatees are also the source of the mermaid legend, though there's also this site where you can learn how to be a mermaid, which is just messing with kids' heads unnecessarily, I think (though not nearly as much as this derangement).


Blogger andrew said...

AWEsome. That's mostly all I had to say. And to paste this just in case someone is reading the comments and didn't follow the link:

FROG: Like my Aunt Phibian used to say "That's a lot of bull....FROG!"
CHORUS: He's the Frog of Weeki Wachee
FROG:I won't dance on your Hibachi!
CHORUS: The Frog of Weeki Wachee
FROG: You were expecting Liberace?
CHORUS: The Frog of Weeki Wacheeeee Springs!

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