Thursday, January 19, 2006

Okay, I have just finished tabulating all the votes for The Top Flickr Wedding Photo of All Time or whatever we’re calling it. I myself was leaning towards #5 or #10, but the readers have spoken and our winner is #4. Now for the personalized story, and in the random drawing to select the reader for whom it is personalized, I draw out… reader Jenn S.! Okay, here we go:

The wedding was the social event of the season in Okoboji, and even though she had not been invited Jenn could not help but sneak down that evening to get a peek. The reception was in full swing when she arrived at Vacation Village with her cat, Alfie, and Jenn stood beside a Mountain Dew machine at the edge of the dance floor, green with envy at the glittering spectacle which whirled before her eyes. Women dancing with children, men dancing with babies, random guests standing alone… it certainly was an affair to remember. Suddenly from across the floor she saw a young man approaching her, and everything else in the room seemed to turn sepia. “Why, he looks just like Michael Badalucco,” thought Jenn, "You know, from The Practice..." But her reverie was soon shattered by the piercing shriek of some lady with a cane. “That girl’s got a cat in here! Are you going to allow such behavior on your wedding day? Punch her in the head!” With a start Jenn realized that this was not Michael Badalucco at all, but the groom himself, and an angry groom at that. Whatever was she to do? Closer and closer the newlywed strode, swinging his head-punching fists, when all of a sudden Alfie leapt from Jenn’s side and latched onto the man’s head, scratching the hell out of him. After flaying the groom mercilessly he sprang over to give the cane-leaning instigator more of the same, then bit the baby several times before strolling coolly back to his owner. “My hero!” cried Jenn, running out to greet her cat with open arms, which he proceeded to scratch the hell out of. The End.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! I just found out that I am the winner! Hurraaaaay! As I'm sure you and some of your readers know this could actually happen if Alfie had half the chance. It was great to hear word of good old V V!

9:28 AM  

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