Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I still haven't had a chance to go through and tally all the many thousands of votes for the Top Flickr Wedding Photo yet, so if you have not yet had a chance to comment your own preference you may consider yourself still free to do so. Our Lady of the Squirrels has also come across another possible entrant, which we will refer to as #12. The real highlight in this one is the small child who has just had his ass kicked clean out of his shoes in the background (what his ass was doing in his shoes in the first place remains a mystery). ALso, please note reader Steve L.'s commentary on the previous Family Circus post, as it contains an interesting Alexis Stewart news item (and thanks Steve! I assume the congratulations are for my engagement rather than my not inconsiderable skill at combining a cartoon with the caption to a different cartoon). OH, and I've also been alerted by my fiancee to a sad follow-up to a previous post (I can't seem to find the original post I'm referring to at the moment, but it's back in somewhere in the September or October archives) - the body of Barry Cowsill, missing in New Orleans since September 1st, was discovered floating near a wharf on December 27th. R.I.P.


Blogger ponynurse said...

i certainly have earned my ring this week....!

and one more Martha Stewart related tidbit: She wished Howard Stern a Happy Birthday (Jan 12th) on her own Sirius show last week.

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