Friday, November 18, 2005

Vindication!!! Remember back in May when IAAFOTS had our first bonafide red hot scoop and tried repeatedly to get the Post, Daily News, Times, Gawker, Drudge, ANY other media outlet to pick it up but no one paid us any attention? If your memory needs refreshing, this wrap-up is the best overview of the scoop, and here's the first and second posts (plus an addendum to the 2nd) where the case was put together. I imagine some of the links to news stories in those will no longer be functional, but I think all the pertinent information from them was transcribed in the wrap-up. Now for this vindication I speak of, and for that let me turn to our colleague at the IAAFOTS Center for the Study of Short-Lived Phenomena, reader Andrea B., who has filed this report:

"Subject: omg!!!ALERT!Shania!!omfg!!!
WE WERE RIGHT!!!!! I was just watching the end of the Apprentice (Donald edition) and they had a preview for next week's two (yes 2 new episodes) Thanksgiving day shows. Then they show a quick clip of Bill Rancic and they're saying"next week on The Apprentice...blah blah blah..." and then they show a couple of draft horses and then they show freaking Shania Twain!!! and say "...with special guest Shaina Twain." Dude. The whole Shania fragrance, Bill Rancic, poster in the window of Lee's Art Shop, camera crew, black guy being interviewed, New York Post swept under the carpet carriage crash thing was totally an Apprentice stunt! I have to say, this is very satisfying."

It is indeed very satisfying, but I will not feel truly satisfied until the word gets out and someone else who can reach a broader swath of the public reports the fact that a stupid stunt for Donald Trump's reality show needlessly endangered the lives of our policemen, citizens, and two innocent horses AND IT WAS COMPLETELY COVERED UP! All the papers and television stations in town covered that story and NO ONE reported on the Apprentice connection, even though a) it was fairly obvious even without the exclusive IAAFOTS uptown Twain info; b) that info and our conclusions were sent multiple times to all these outlets, in the case of the Daily News both to the main news desk and to the specific reporters who covered the stagecoach story originally; and c) the Trump tie-in would have given that story legs that could have sold papers for at least another week after the initial report, so why wasn't it reported??? You may have a lot of money, Mr. Trump, but you didn't pay off quite enough people to keep quiet on this one. You might think you can sneak this on the air now and no one will remember the officers lives your production put on the line or the animals you endangered, but you are greatly mistaken. That little envelope icon next to the Comments link at the bottom of this post is a quick and easy way to forward this to anyone you can think of [a few suggestions: PETA:, New York Daily News: (main news desk),, (reporters who wrote original story), New York Post: (news desk), New York Times: news-tips@nytimes, Gothamist: and, and Gawker:] and I encourage any readers who believe in justice and/or the prevention of cruelty to animals by Donald Trump to make use of it. Join our crack investigative team today and help make a difference!


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