Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In case you missed the telethon this weekend, or just had to step away from your t.v. for a moment, I can fill you in on this year's choice highlight so you won't feel like an out-of-the-loop fool when everyone's talking about it at cocktail parties and water coolers around the nation over the next several weeks. At approximately 4pm PST yesterday afternoon, as the telethon was entering its final hour, Ed McMahon came on and introduced Jerry Lewis. Jerry walked onto the stage, said a few words, and then an orchestra behind him began to play and he began to sing... Now, Mr. Lewis does look much better this year than he has in the recent past, he's dropped some of the crazy excess weight and moves around a little more freely, but between his health problems and general oldness, his speech is halting at times, his breath control is shot, and singing has never been his strongest talent anyway (though he was always okay at it). But he fought his way through the whole thing, giving everything he had and somehow making it to the end without forgetting too many of the words or keeling over dead. But what made this performance this year's magical MDA moment was the song selection: Mammy. How I loved it, how I loved it, my dear old mammy, I'd walk a million miles to see it on YouTube and smile, oh MAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY. And seriously, if anyone can find a clip of that please let me know, pronto.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inside scoop on Big Brother's Volcano cum and Mike Boogie's girly cry


Thought you might like this for your blog.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

thanks for the link! at first i thought mike was insane for that move, but then i started thinking that maybe he just knew he wasn't good at holding onto walls while crap is dumped on you competitions and wanted to rest up for the 2nd part. Janelle letting go was an unexpected bonus for him, though... Mostly, I cannot believe I'm actually watching Big Brother this season.

1:36 PM  

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