Thursday, September 21, 2006

Confessions Tour 2006
Ramon Gomez, 26, Mexico

I once dreamt that I was doing the dishes with Madonna. It was at this really nice but totally empty apartment and then all the sudden I found myself washing dishes at the kitchen sink and Madonna is standing right next to me rinsing them and putting them away in the kitchen cabinets. We were both dressed up in like business suits. It was day time and the light on the apartment was really soft and I'm thinking on my dream "OH my god, Madonna is washing dishes with me" but we are just looking and smiling at each other, being very polite. I kept thinking what should I ask her to make some conversation because it was kind of awkward to be standing right next to each other without saying a word, "I mean come on, what could I've possibly ask that she hasn't been asked before" I thought in my dream, besides just to have her next to me was enough so I decided to keep my month shut, and at the end we both looking out through this big window at the same apartment, wet hands without saying a word, smiling still.


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