Thursday, August 31, 2006

I stopped watching the show awhile back, but this is still SHOCKING APPRENTICE NEWS!!! Sweet Caroline Kepcher, the lone voice of reason in the boardroom, has been let go. Dismissed. Told that her services will no longer be required. Donald's sorry, but you just don't fit in. This would be the straw that broke my will to sit through an hour of Trumpiness every week, were it not for the fact alluded to before, i.e., my will has been broken for awhile now. Oh, and speaking of Will, is Chilltown going to continue their winning ways tonight, or is the double eviction storm that will turn the house upside down that Julie Chen was telling us about send him and/or Mike Boogie packing? OH, and I've also got a guess at what crazy, outrageous, cutting-edge topical presenter pairing will be the talk of tonight's VMA's: John Mark Karr and Suri Cruise. Seems improbable, I know, but you'da said the same thing before that Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley deal a few years back, right? [UPDATE, 9/1: Oops. I guess I haven't seen the show for the past 3 years or so and had not realized that it is now 100% sad. Two observations on the sadness: 1) Jack Black never should have become a leading man, if he'd stayed in supporting roles that schtick might well still be hilarious. As it is... 2) It's cool that the big look for the kids (and all the bands they're buddies with on MySpace) now is Goth, cuz those Goths always did have pretty great taste in music... oh wait, I was thinking of the Mods or something, other than Siouxsie and the Banshees all the bands those death rockers used to listen to were embarrassingly weak. Plus the actual music those bands were playing last night didn't sound much different from the crap 'rock' bands were playing in the late nineties, they just wear makeup and top hats now).


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