Wednesday, August 02, 2006

HEY, I can't believe I missed the beginning of this story, but: THERE IS BREAKING SAUSAGE NEWS OUT OF MILWAUKEE. Specifically racing sausage news... you'll have to dig back into the archives here on your own, or just do some googlin', if you want to relive the racing sausage news of the past but I can provide a quick recap. During Milwaukee Brewers baseball games they have a race between people dressed as various wursts and wieners; there's a bratwurst, a hot dog, an Italian sausage, and a Polish. A few years ago Randall Simon, a player from the opposing team, playfully tapped one of them with his bat when they ran by his dugout, causing her to fall down and hurt herself and it was a big brew-ha-ha (ha ha). But the racer got to go to Aruba or somewhere where they decreed "Injured Sausage Day" and got feted like a queen (or something like that) and then she retired after the following season to great fanfare. Which was how things stood until this past Saturday when a new runner stepped into the blocks for the very first time: THE CHORIZO. I think he won (note: there's chorizo video footage available at that link there), but now they've pulled him from participating in any more races this season. Find out more by following the links, and of course it should go without saying that we will be keeping a watchful eye on Wisconsin for any nuevo Cerveceros salchicha noticias.


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