Thursday, June 15, 2006

You know, I think I can sum up one big reason I'm not blogging as much these days... too too too much possum. By which I mean that there's a variety of backyard wildlife to be seen from the window next to me here in Portland, so instead of looking for kooky kollectibles or spanish language Cathy comics I'm tending to sit in the backyard when I have a break from work. Which is not so interesting to read about really But it was pretty crazy out there this morning! I think the juvenile squirrels - the fancy-free youngsters that sometimes start Great Squirrel Migrations - are starting to come out of their nests and have set about exploring the trees and pathways through and between them in the neighborhood. Which they are doing by chasing each other all around from tree to tree, using roofs and cross-street wires for bridges, and generally just going bonkers. Trees are shaking, leaves are flying, squirrels are chattering and scolding... it is something to see, let me tell you. As is this overlooked tip that reader Steve L. sent in awhile back - it's actually one of my Flickr contacts who I hadn't thought to link to on my own before Steve tipped him too... cuz I'm lame like that. But now, after long last: Squirrel Photography (literaleeeeeee).


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