Friday, June 02, 2006

1976 sr cabin 2 boys2

1976 sr cabin 2 boys2
Originally uploaded by Northern Grace Youth Camp.

Hey, I've got some backlogged tips I need to be bloggin' here very soon (thanks readers Steve 'n' Frances!) but first I'd like to point you to a new 'group pool' I've just started on Flickr, Spirit of '76! We've already got 28 members, though only a few folks have had a chance to add anything to the pool as of yet... but I did track down the photo archives of this church youth camp that were tagged with 1976 and they are totally worth the price of admission (which is, of course, freeee) in themselves! So check it out! And, you know, I definitely encourage all folks to start up their own Flickr accounts too, whether you've got 1976 images you could scan in and share or not. It's free (well, there's Pro accounts too, but it's free if you want) and super easy to sign up for, and a good way to share photos with family and friends and etc. Reader Syd knows the score! So does Wil Wheaton! Don't be a pussy, do it up!


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