Thursday, May 11, 2006

I've been a little busy wsith the new house and everything else to properly blog for the past week or so, but I would like to report a brief incident from our backyard. The other night I was sitting out on a bench that Frances thoughtfully picked up at a used furniture place up the street when I heard rustling in the yard that backs up to ours. I thought it was a neighbor out puttering about, and when I heard the bushes behind me start to rustle I turned to see what was up and say hello... but the neighbor turned out to be a big fat raccoon waddling into our yard! Right behind him was another coon, and they wandered across the yard, checking me out a short distance away from them but not seeming particularly worried or in a hurry due to my presence. I went inside to alert Frances and we spotlighted them out the bedroom window, but when I went back out the side door to check them out closer they had disappeared. This concludes my story of the backyard wildlife.


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