Thursday, April 20, 2006

I've been crazy busy here this week, as Our Lady of the Squirrels and I just moved into our new house on Saturday and there have been many related interruptions during my workdays since then, plus I have a big old project I'm buried in for the 'actual' work. But reader Steve L. has sent along a tip that I should share with you before it goes stale:

“She heard a chirping noise and saw
this flash,” Joubert said. “I guess he was thinking he could make a home out of it.”

PLUS, a brand new installment of Overheard In Portland!

Man on downtown bus, overheard by reader Frances: "Hey! That's the same cop that did my investigation when I got shot!" (and then Mr. Gang Member got off the bus at the next available stop so he could "see what was up".)

and, overheard by me while I was down in our new garage two days ago:


AND, finally, for an illustrative glimpse into our local headlines, I am unveiling a new feature called Best PDX News Photo of the Moment!


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On the bwak tip:

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