Friday, February 24, 2006

Today's my last day in the office here at work, and I'm pretty much just trying to pack up as much as I can manage to smuggle out of here without getting caught and then vanishing without a trace. But there's a new small mammal on the block to alert you to before I go! Well, maybe not new exactly:

The extinct species appears to have been an amalgam of animals. It had a broad, scaly tail, flat like a beaver's. Its sharp teeth seemed ideal for eating fish, like an otter's. Its likely lifestyle — burrowing in tunnels on shore and dog-paddling in water — reminds scientists of the modern platypus. Its skeleton suggests that it was about 20 inches long, from snout to the tip of its tail, about the length of a small house cat.

I may come up with something better when I have some time to spend more than 10 seconds thinking about it, but for the time being we will be calling this exciting new (well, again, old... though who knows? Sasquatch gotta eat, after all...) friend of ours the otterbeavpus, or Lloyd for short.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so does that mean we'll soon be drinking The Playful Otterbeavpus?

(f, olots)

7:38 PM  

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