Friday, January 27, 2006

When I alluded to the fact that I'm engaged to be married in this space recently, did I also allude to the fact that I'm moving to Portland, Oregon at the beginning of March? Well, I am, which has lead to my being very very very busy and all stressed over the business and everything, which has lead to a dearth of blogging even though I got a tip or two yesterday! Which I am going to share with you now. Our Lady of the Squirrels has sent in these tips, the first of which is small mammal-related: the Preble's meadow jumping mouse does exist! I may be alone in actually knowing what I'm talking about there, but the background should be explained in the article here. One way or another I'm sure they will still be wiped off the face of the earth by Bush-aided developers, but these findings might slow that down for a little while anyway. The second tip is also mammal-related, though of the not as small, hubcap-wielding variety: it's Tonya Harding's website! A few do's and don'ts to help you in navigating the site - do check out some of the movies, especially the one of her singing, don't look at the fantasy messages. Fair warning. If you don't have the time right now to read her entire bio, here is the IAAFOTS Condensed Version:

Tonya Harding was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. On a trip to the Lloyd Center, Tonya watched other kids skating and wanted to try it. When she first stepped on the ice she made piles of shavings and ate them. She was the first female skater to land a triple axel in competition, and recorded a CD of an original song, which she dedicated to the victims of the Oklahoma bombing tragedy. She also made a successful commercial for a very popular car dealership in Portland, showing her acting and comedy skills. People are amazed by the inner strength that she has, and many have expressed this to her, through letters and email. They write that she inspires them to keep going, when times have been rough for them. She has become a source of encouragement to many people. Tonya still loves to skate, and can still do the Triple Axel, although she doesn't feel the need to do it anymore.

I've also found another Tonya Harding website which may be significantly better, but not as lovable... which if you think about it, is sort of the same problem Tonya herself had during her skating career. Well, that and the assault conspiracy. Stay tuned for more profiles of famous Portlanders in this space as I continue learning more about my new home and its citizenry; subjects may include Lindsay Wagner, The Hudson Brothers, Beverly Cleary, Dallas McKennon, Mark Rothko, Sally Struthers, Henry F. Phillips, Rebecca Schaeffer, and/or Dick Fosbury!


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