Thursday, December 01, 2005

When I saw the top Yahoo headline this morning, "Bosom Buddies Pal Dies", I started to think of things to say about poor Peter Scolari... but then when I clicked on the link that reader Mike A. had sent in about the sad event I found out that it's actually Wendie Jo Sperber who has passed away. While she is probably best known for her turn as Amy Cassidy on that show, she was also in a ton of other great films and shows over the years, or if not great at least usually enjoyable... well, okay, I saw Moving Violations in the theater and the only thing really enjoyable in that was in noting the resemblance star John Murray had to his brothers Bill and Brian-Doyle and wondering if he'd ever make another film (A: yes, he was also in Scrooged). But still, a lot of projects that are remembered fondly for some reason or another: I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Corvette Summer, Dinky Hocker (shoots smack) , 1941, Used Cars, The First Time (aka Doin' It), Bachelor Party, Stewardess School, Delta Fever (aka Summer Fever), the afore-mentioned Moving Violations, and all three Back To The Future movies except the second one, plus roles on the t.v. shows Private Benjamin, Hearts Afire, and Babes. Rest in peace, Wendie Jo.


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