Thursday, December 08, 2005

The very mention of the Bush White House is likely to make the majority of our readership immediately set to grumbling, I know... they are bad and stupid and evil and untruthful and not so nice and war-mongering and greedy dunderheads and have I mentioned bad? And you know who else is bad? Hitler. I'm pretty much in agreement with all that, but I don't think anything's 100% bad, like that Grinch was really quite mean but then he met Cindy Lou Who and was afflicted with acute cardiac enlargement... anyway, one of the rare good things coming out of the current White House is back again: The BarneyCam Holiday video! You could argue that the time and expense involved could be better spent in other areas, but honestly, might it not be better for those folks to be distracted from pursuing their agenda for a little while one afternoon? And little Barney shuffling around the Christmas tree and whatnot has a cuteness that is difficult to deny. Network issues here at work have kept me from viewing much of this year's video, A Very Beazley Christmas, yet but I'm confident that it will be up to the high standards set by the previous two installments. A link to the new BarneyCam can be found on this page (somewhere over on the right if memory serves) and if you'd like to check out the old videos again they can both be found here.


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