Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No, I'm not on strike too... just the errands I already still had to complete for the joyous holiday visit of Our Lady of the Squirrels coupled now with strike contingency planning has thrown me a bit off kilter and the blogging is always the first thing to shut down when time is tight. However, right after I post this Day 21 of our advent calendar I will be putting up a post for Day 20 which will magically appear in its proper place yesterday, so look back for that (and I do like Day 20, it's a shot from last year of my neighbor's decorations here on Kingsland Avenue... this year they have more of a white theme with musical ornaments that beep and boop slightly out of tune). I also have some Christmas pictures and scans up over on the Flickr account that you can check out if you have not already done so, and there's this Vintage Christmas pool there which I've put some of them into that also has some other great stuff to look at (including some scans from O.L.o.t.S.) AND someone else from that pool who has added me as a contact has a cool page himself with many Christmas songs and such available for download, and on that site I've just found out about the coolest thing of all... someone has scanned in an entire copy of the 1979 Sears Wishbook and put it up on Flickr. So that oughta keep you occupied for a good long spell, and re: Mike's comment on an earlier advent image, I am willing to offer one (1) carton of premium egg nog and one dozen (12) candy canes to see pictures of Teresa working all day down amongst the animatronic woodland creatures in the lobby of the Grace Building. Additionally, however, Teresa will have to contribute 6% of her canes and nog toward her pension fund as opposed to the 2% cane/nog garnishment currently paid by the small mammal workforce. This is my final offer.


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