Thursday, December 01, 2005

In this holiday season with all of its parties and dinners and cookies and candies and puddings both figgy and otherwise, we should all stop now and then to think about those less fortunate than ourselves and what we might be able to do to help make their December a little brighter. And as I was scanning the headlines at CNN just now I came across this tale of a beloved actor who seems to have fallen on some hard times who you can add to your list of yuletide charitable targets: DICK VAN PATTEN EATS DOG FOOD (I'm not actually linking to the CNN story since this one is longer and more detailed, I just like their headline better. Here's a little more info too.) Please open your hearts and give whatever you are able.


Anonymous Animalerie Toutou said...

My boxer-mix has suffered terribly with allergies. Constant yeast infections in his ears, skin problems, general stinky dog problems. After taking him to the vet for like the 100th time for steroids and a super-duper ear washing at the cost of $278, I finally decided to research a better solution. I found that my dog could be allergic to corn or chicken and it would be best to cut that out of his food all together. I found this brand at Petco and ever since we went to this vegetarian formula he has been *basically* allergy free!! He's like a whole different dog!!! Clear eyes, clear skin, lost a bunch of weight, runs around with his brother like they were puppies all over again, doesn't smell and hasn't needed to go back to the vet for his ears!!! My doggy loves this food and I love that he's finally healthy.

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