Monday, November 14, 2005

This is how my day began this morning. Click to get to a larger version of the moose caboose!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This photo really got that one lady on Flickr all riled up. I can't figure out if she's anti- moose or caboose? -ab

7:44 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

well, i just think maybe she's fed up with the fact that a sexy lady such as herself can't go out in public wearing a sexy top hat without getting hassled... "*whistlewhistle* Hey mami, shake that hat! Aw yeah! Were you in 4 Non-Blondes, foxy?" and she feels that trying to shame some people she doesn't know with a superior "amused" attitude and some ill-fitting cliches is the best way to respond to that.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's such a shame that same Gender Issues Girly Girl didn't see this in time:

eeeesh. She gives Bal'imore a bad name.

(f, OLOTS)

ps: tested the tomkat tag *and quote* theory, yet it's still been beaten out by shots of bad language. viva l'cursing on the wall!

10:32 AM  

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