Thursday, November 03, 2005

So, I did watch The Apprentice with Martha Stewart last night, and I do have a few things to say about it, but I do also have work to do today and then Our Lady of the Squirrels is arriving bright and early tomorrow for a whirlwind weekend visit to NYC, so the likelihood that I'll be sharing these things in a timely manner is not super great. But you can be just like Martha herself and steal a little taste, as Gawker has a post this morning on the best line from last night's episode. My two cents concerning this quote:
  1. The editors of the show really dropped the ball by not incorporating the Bobby Sherman song "Hey, Honeybun" into this scene:
    Hey, hey, honeybun
    Won't you let me be the one
    Open up and let me come
    Closer to you...
  2. I doubt Marcella is going to be going all the way on this show, but with her work on That 70's Show and The Family Guy I don't know how she'd have the time or energy available to add Martha to her plate anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh that sugar bun moment *was* priceless, especially Marcella's gushing about "sharing such an intimate moment" with Martha.

i think they dropped the ball by not having Alexis at the table asking the women about their sugar buns. no wonder she looked so glum this episode...

(f, OLOTS)

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was a touch unhappy to hear Martha tell that guy (the one who's not Jim) that he's done well in the past so she'll give him another chance

as far as i can tell, he should have gotten a pass for being the only one with any kind of contribution (the boxing gloves idea).

also i think Jim is very good at dialing down the crazy when it makes more sense to lay low (like he did this week).

so did Marcella -make- those sugar buns? or did Martha simply want one off her plate??

8:25 PM  

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