Monday, November 21, 2005

I find it SHOCKING that so far no one other than myself, reader Andrea B., and Our Lady Of The Squirrels seems to be at all interested in the groundbreaking SCOOP which we had confirmed at the end of last week. Where is the outrage, readers? Anyhow, what with work leading up to the holiday this week , and of course the holiday, I think I may hold off on the thought or two I had concerning last week's A:MS episode until right before the next episode (which won't be until next Wednesday), since that way you'll get a little reminder of what happened previously before watching. While I really think your time today would be best spent going over Friday's post in painstaking detail and thinking about whether you would like to be part of the problem or part of the solution, I do have a tip which has been sent in by reader Rob C. that may be of interest to the urban small mammal enthusiast. Rats have a very bad reputation generally, even though they're not really all that different from their rodent brothers the squirrels, and there's now a group here in the city who believes that this can perhaps be attributed to their name. Therefore, a campaign has been launched to call them Great Pointed Archers instead, and there is a nice-looking website with fun facts (their fur smells like grape soda!), a GPA customizing game, and more... go check it out and learn how to love!


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