Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hello there. After the delightful little visit from Our Lady Of The Squirrels on Friday-Monday I've come back to some extra busy business which is cutting into my blogging availability at the moment. BUT things should be returning to a more leisurely pace by later today I'm hoping. In the meantime, both my ladylove and myself have started posting some weekend photos on Flickr that can be browsed, and let's see if there's any breaking squirrel news to go along with this photo I took of a Monsignor McGolrick Park resident... why yes, there is: "I'm a country boy, so I'm thinking dinner time."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

poor Sparky the Squirrel...i wonder if that quote could be incorporated into the....John Denver Musical!

(f, O.L.O.T.S. and also the daughter of someone who ate squirrels.)

12:14 PM  

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