Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So far there is no direct or indirect evidence linking Judith Miller to the suspicious death of Charles Rocket, but before you dismiss the theory as just another stupid notion I've come up with to amuse myself (and no one else), consider these facts:

1) She's just gotten sprung from the big house, and prison can harden a person, turning someone who formerly would not have done anything worse than run a red light or publish bogus information that helps strengthen the case to lead the nation into an ill-planned quagmire of a war into a remorseless homicidal maniac.
2) Both she and her supporters concede that Ms. Miller possesses "sharp elbows". Sharp enough to, I don't know, slash someone's throat perhaps?
3) Gotta do something to spice up that book she's writing, because honestly, "How I Spent 85 Days In Jail In Order To Get This Book Deal: A Martyr's Story" does not seem very likely to be rocketing to the top of the bestseller charts. Oh wait, the Times publishes the bestseller charts...

Anyway, that's what I've got to go on so far, but I'll continue to ferret out the real story behind this tragedy at least 20 minutes of every day until the truth is dragged out into the light or I lose interest. And if anyone can come up with the slightest shred of evidence or wild unsubstantiated speculation connecting Joe Piscopo with these events, do let me know.


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