Friday, October 14, 2005

I've got an update to my last post which has led me to some crazy news! The translator looking for IAAFOTS assistance wrote back to thank me for the help and said that at first he was thinking it might be a reference to Caesar's campaign in Gallia, but didn't think that Brian, with his face, would know such historical facts (true that). So it wasn't John with the wallet-chain and misogyny and all who said the stupid made-up word that particular time, it was Brian O'Goomba! Which led me to his website to check in on what he might be up to, and... Brian O'Goomba For North Wildwood City Council: A Galliant Campaign!!! A toilet in every home and a GlowLite in every pot. Vote early and vote often, Wildwoodians, in the past I have had Jesse "The Body" Ventura as my mayor and Fred "Gopher" Grandy as my congressman, and in my experience half-assed celebrities are no less intelligent or capable than real politicians but it's much more fun to tell people they're your elected representative (or that they were - note the fun I am having mentioning it right now, Jerseyfolk!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is freaking hilarious and just totally made my day. I'm also delighted to learn that Brian is a member of the Society of American Magicians. Talk about galliant. -ab

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