Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm sayin, whoa crack squirrel, whatcha tryin to do
(won't you tell me) what is the matter with you?
crack squirrel... whatcha tryin to do...
i'll give your twenty little acorns, you can keep the change
just move your freakin tweakin somewhere outta my range
please lay off the crackrock and just try to take it slow
chill your twitchy scurry, there's no place you gotta go
craaaack squirrel

Just wanted to get this little crack squirrel song i've 'written' out there while the story is still fresh, even though it now appears that the whole thing was just an honest mistake... turns out South London homeowners have been seeing Kate Moss digging up their gardens desperately looking for crack, not squirrels as first reported. Ha! badumpbump, etc.


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