Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm holding off on sharing a thought or two about this week's episode of The Apprentice with Martha Stewart to give all readers who may have taped it or something a chance to see the show unspoiled - see, I'm all thoughtful like that when it comes to you, the readers - but I have received an interesting message today concerning last season's Apprentice 3 coverage. Apparently some guy in Israel is in the midst of translating Apprentice 3 into Russian (for broadcast? for kicks? I do not know) and couldn't figure out how to translate when one of those simpletons (if I remember correctly, it was the guy who looked a little like Vince Vaughn, whose head I once described as "like an industrial-sized jar of Hellman's flesh-onnaise") said "it's been a galliant trip". I explained that he probably meant to say "valiant", but either confused this big word with "gallant" or had just heard some smartypants egghead use it one time but misheard and thought it started with a G, kinda like how people think "Blinded By The Light" contains the line "wrapped up like a douche". In any case, it's not going to be easy to translate, but hopefully he can manage it somehow, because the incident is an excellent illustration of the jarhead's douchiness.

So, having helped a reader, I now turn to a reader to help me... specifically, reader Steve L., who is mad prolific with tha tips these days. Today he's sent in a very nice and squirrelly one: pregnant dog adopts injured squirrel - with video! Prepare to have your chilly little heart warmed the hell up. [UPDATE: Cityrag has also posted about this story, but with a different link - with slideshow!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many dozens of times did the directors of a certain production of Yeomen tell the chorus not to sing "galliant pikemen, valiant sworders"?

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