Friday, October 28, 2005

Hey there! I've just gotten slightly chastised by another reader for the lack of new content this week, so I did want to at least mention that an A:MS post is close to completion and will show up sooner or later! Also, even though it's been covered on Wonkette for the past few months, many readers seem to be unaware of the adorable new baby panda at the National Zoo, Butterstick, so I encourage all those similarly out of tha know on that to peruse all 'Stick-related posts over there (maybe even buy yourself a Butterstick t-shirt like I've done!) while I try to get my act back in gear here... [UPDATE: In case you didn't end up there already through a link on Wonkette, I feel I should make special note of the PANDA CAM!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're back! Thank goodness you made it through the nor'easter, kittens and all. Now get bloggin'! -ab

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well there goes my idea of a tshirty gift for you~! it will look lovely w/the otter socks....

(f. LOTS.)

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Steve L said...

finally an update! get your priorities straight, man. i was wearing out my 'refresh' button.

first of all, i can NOT abide Jim having put his feet up on the table in the mexican restaurant - with that single act he placed himself on my shit list.

second of all, i can only imagine that Jennifer M's confidence about selling radar guns was based on the assumption that she could strike sexy poses with them, and that she had not counted on them being in un-sexy box-shaped boxes. (FYI, she landed on my shit list with her mispronunciation of 'Zathura').

Marcus is an insufferable nebbish but i have to give him props for having some good marketing instincts - first with Tivo at the old folks Expo, and then with golf on the last task.

ok i'm done

11:07 AM  

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