Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ah, but the best tip of all has been submitted by Our Lady Of The Squirrels, and I'm really not just sayin' that because of the love and such, as I think you will see. I also have a short story which relates to the link(s). When I was around seven or so, I went to the Henry Dooley Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. I especially liked the prairie dog village and the otters, and wasn't all that interested in the petting zoo since I was from a farming community in Iowa and had seen plenty of the sort of animals to be found there. But I do like to be thorough, so I went in to briefly check out the scene. I think I was looking at and perhaps petting a pony or maybe a sheep when I felt a little tugging at my jacket, but there were a lot of little kids crowded in there so I paid it no heed at first. Soon, though, the tugging became harder to the point that my jacket began to get pulled off and I turned around to find that a goat was eating it! The entire right pocket and up to about the second or third button from the bottom had already disappeared into the goat and he clearly had no plans of stopping until the entire garment had been ingested, at which point he would move on to my Garanimals slacks. Upon hearing my shocked cries of indignation my mom and a nearby attendant came over and laughingly extricated my jacket from the goat, but the entire rest of the day it was all damp and nasty and I was not at all pleased. The end.


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