Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ok, sorry for the posting delay today, but the network here at work is once again on tha fritz. As the continuous coverage emanating from the FoxNewsLounge here in front of my desk (actually, today it is thankfully the CNNNewsLounge it seems) has been reminding me all day that the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas are what can best be described as mind-numbingly fucked, while I have a moment online I feel like reminding the readership that donating money to the Red Cross or somebody might be kinda cool right now. Not that you probably need such reminding, but just in case. Wonkette has a post listing Red Cross and some other contact information (as does Cityrag), and as I've mentioned before I've been a longtime fan of Habitat For Humanity, and there are a shitload of habitats that are gonna need to be be replaced in the months ahead. Also, if any readers have operational time machines, you might want to go back a few years and somehow convince the White House that massively cutting funds needed to fix up those levees down there might have some REALLY bad consequences for not only the Big Easy but the entire country. But give money or blood or something before you start bitching about that or anything else, otherwise it's somewhat unseemly, in my opinion. Another thing you can enjoy post-donating is checking out how many news stories have referenced Katrina and the Waves or Walking On Sunshine (A: Lots). Heck, you could even look at some of those Google Video summaries I love so much which are completely unrelated to hurricane devastation. Just give a little first, ok? If you're still not convinced how serious this tragedy is, perhaps the fact that celebrities such as Fats Domino and Brett Favre have been affected will bring it home for you. Britney Spears is also from Louisiana, of course, but thank god all her family is safe and sound (also, pregnant sex is awesome, y'all, and the baby's gonna be named London). Give.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:18 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

yes, that's really been the main question lurking in the back of my mind while watching dead bodies floating in the streets while a major city descends into complete anarchy, "how is this going to affect my car insurance rates"? good lookin out, anon.

1:29 PM  

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