Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh c'mon, Daily News, just admit that the Post got the jump on the good headline for this one and cook up something fresh for yourselves (note: here's the Yahoo version of that story if the Post site doesn't work for you, though you will be missing out on their exceptional photo for the story). Just off the top of my head, Doc's A Crock would work just fine and wouldn't make you sound like that little guy who's always following the bully around on Fat Albert. For that matter, there's gold to be found somewhere in the 'caduceus/cuss a cad' region... I haven't struck it yet myself, obviously, but it's there I tell you. The Post has actually bested the News thricely on this one, not only winning headline and photo honors, but also throwing in this fact uncopied by their competitor: "Zeitoun — pronounced like Satan but with a Z". Which, by the way, has inspired a new hard-hitting, muck-raking piece of investigative journalism which I have begun work on here in the IAAFOTS offices: "Ziering — pronounced like racketeering but with a Z". Here's a little taste of what I've been able to dig up so far, "After the turbulent academic years its father gives him a small cheese sheet..." Hmm, sounds rather fishy, no? You can run, Z-man, but you cannot hide.


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