Thursday, September 29, 2005

An important programming note for you to be aware of: The Apprentice with Martha Stewart is not on at 9pm like the regular Apprentice always is, but is, in fact, on at 8pm. Had I the foresight to leave myself this note yesterday I would have seen the program, which I was really looking forward to both seeing and writing about. I do have a few thoughts left on the candidates which I found out during my research after last week's show, but I must warn you that I have only had half an hour of sleep and 3 projects all calling me at once today, so the outlook is bleak. BUT you never know. Until such time as I have time to try to think, perhaps your time could be productively spent sharpening your freestyle rapping skills, and if you are finding that your reading needs are not being fully met here I have recently come across this new pony book you may wish to look into acquiring. AND now I have four projects calling me, so I must regretfully leave you to it.


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