Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm not sure how much content I'm gonna have today, but I'll get at least some (if not all) of it out to you now so you'll have all afternoon to savor it. Really, "content" may be stretching it a little, but here goes: 1) I really like this headline: Neighbors Say Kids Found in Cages Polite. I don't know that the linked story really lives up to the high standard set by the headline, but there it is anyway. I just enjoy imagining a little moppet tipping his newspaper boy's cap and saying "How d'you do, ma'am?" while hunkered down in a cage. Because I am a heartless and unfeeling jerk. ON the lighter side, 2) One of the entertainments listed on that page of dancin' crap I linked to yesterday has been found to have what it takes to vy for the title of Best Website In All Of Cyberspace. They're not dancin' exactly, but the comedy generated as Lucy and Ethel desperately try to keep up as the conveyor belt goes faster and faster and faster is far better than dancing any day, in my book. A classic, first on the television, now on the Internet; I encourage you to view it repeatedly.


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