Friday, September 23, 2005

I couldn't be more sorry that I haven't quite finished Part 3 of the A:MS analysis, really I couldn't. But this will give any readers who taped or TiVOd or plan to watch the show if CNBC or MSNBC reruns it a chance for unspoiled viewing, right? Because I don't think parts one or two contained much of anything pertaining to what actually went on during the proceedings (and, frankly, not all that much DID go on, making it even more ridiculous that I haven't finished writing about it yet). It will yet appear, but so far today it's been all work all the time. Those five projects trying to book time all at once I spoke of yesterday? No joke, readers, no joke...

However, there is a tip sent in by reader Sarah A. which might perk up any cat fanciers in the greater NYC area, anyway: the 3rd Annual CFA-IAMS Cat Championship will be held on October 8th and 9th at Madison Square Garden! There will be many a fancy cat! There will be a huge indoor cat accessory shopping mall! The will be krazy kat people! There will be a feline agility competition! Is that all the insanity you can expect to see? HARDLY! Naturally, I will be in attendance, along with reader Jenn S., and if anyone else in town wants to come along, Ticketmaster has the advance tickets, just get yourself one and hop on board the kitty train.

Also, between apprenticing and work scheduling yesterday I completely forgot to note that it was the autumnal equinox, and now it is autumn. I was well aware of it myself, of course, since many readers are probably aware that I love me some autumn, not to mention the fact that the autumnal equinox is Lady Of The Squirrels' favorite day of the year! It is true (and for the record, that is reason #228).

Ok, now to tie this post up, send it off, and return to the dark and dreary coal mine...


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