Thursday, September 22, 2005

Before attempting to climb back on the Apprentice-writin' horse (Martha style), I have a quick observation from my commute this morning to report in hopes that some reader may know what in the heck was up with what I observed. Here goes: as I neared the Nassau Avenue G station in Greenpoint I noticed a Goodyear blimp floating westward toward the city, maybe around the Williamsburg Bridge or so, and then spied what looked like another down south near, say, the Battery. And then just as I was about to turn to go down into the subway another blimp came into view right behind the closer one... for all I know a whole fleet of blimps was parading toward Manhattan for reasons unknown. So does anyone have any idea of the whys and wherefores here? Let me know, and in the meantime I will now turn my attention Marthaward.


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