Friday, September 09, 2005

Another tip has arrived this morning from reader Mike A., which implores, "You have got to find a way to tip the mother f-ing picture." While the only way I can find to do exactly that is to link the link Mike sent right here (it is from Yahoo and will disappear before long), the tip from reader Andrea B. that I mentioned yesterday will just about fulfill Michael's plea, for that tip was two other photos from the same series, which she helpfully sent along with word that they are ok to repost if you leave the watermark on. And now the accompanying text: "Hurricane Katrina victim Sondra Sercovich from Mandeville, Louisiana, waits in line for a food stamp application 08 September, 2005, and shows off her new furry friend "Peanut", a 4-week old baby squirrel she rescued after the hurricane. The animal lover who has 11 cats, 12 tortoises, three dogs, two chameleons, and five children, has been keeping the squirrel warm on her chest, and will be intregrating the squirrel into the family." No word on whether Peanut has yet gotten grabby. And, just for kicks, here's another heartwarming Katrina story I've found all by myself (by which I mean I saw the link of Sploid, which was not quite as easy as it might sound, given their execrably unreadable new redesign).
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is sondra ok? I wasn't sure since she had to apply for food stamps...

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