Monday, September 19, 2005

Ah, HERE you are, internet... oh, I had great plans to utilize you today for the betterment of this blog, but the best laid plans of mice and men. Now I am busy with the work. BUT reader Mike A. has sent in a fanTABulous tip that will shock and delight you all: the Moscow Cats Theatre! I would like to suggest perusal of the photo gallery in partcular, but it is all good. Mike calls them the stupidest cats in the world, but I haven't figured out where he is getting that just yet, they seem smart as little furry whips to me. They slide down poles! They step into large shoes! Oh wait a second, maybe reader Mike said that because I often cite the fact that cats can't be trained as proof of their superior intelligence to dogs... hmm. Ok, maybe these cats are as dumb as nails, but those clowns seem highly learned at least. Also, if you haven't already noticed in the commentary, reader Syd B. has his own blog now, and it is hilARious! Well, at least this photo is kinda. In general the feeling felt after viewing Syd's site is more "man, I wish I had my own cute little house". ALso, as long as I'm here I might as well break the news that even though a new season of The Apprentice premieres this Thursday on NBC, I will not be writing about it! Well, maybe if I watch an episode and something really crazy happens I might mention it, but there will be no weekly wrapup of the festivities to look forward to me not completing every week... sorry! I was just not enjoying it much last season and do not feel the need to force myself through that yet again. And anyway, I'll probably be too busy writing about this...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll stand by my prediction that Martha's catch phrase will be...."You're dismissed"...though it's not as amusing as your hypothesis.....


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