Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Update on the continuing G-Unit soldiers' occupation of the territory next to my office buidling to report. I was just downstairs and saw evidence that some troop movements are going down as we blog here; whole bunch of Escalades lining up in front of the Rihga Royal, one all wrapped with G-U graphics and Vitamin Water logos, and the rest just big and black. I also definitely had at least one celebrity sighting... of sorts, I have no idea which hip-hop superstar it may have been, but he was clearly Somebody. Not Fiddy or M.O.P.'s Lil Fame, though, as those are the two I would recognize. Well, and Eminem too if he's part of this tour that's now at the Garden, but this unknown famous person I speak of was of the African-American persuasion. SO, either hurry on over to 54th b/t 6th & 7th if you want to see all your favorite rap stars climbing into cars, or hurry on away from that vicinity if you want to avoid the slight possibility of gunfire (because, quite seriously, that Fiddy does have an alarming tendency to get himself shot at).


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