Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Some Michigan cheerleaders have taken a break from their everyday duties as athletic supporters and pyramid builders to help take a bite out of crime, and as a result we've got a headline derby on our hands yet again: Cheerleaders Get Their Man, Edmonton Sun; Hit-and-Run Driver Has Nothing To Cheer About, Seattle Times; Give Me a B, U, S, T, Independent Online; Gimme a B For Busted, Sydney Morning Herald; Wooooo, Way To Go, Way To Go!, Kansas City Star (that one is rather poor, in my opinion); and our winner -
2-4-6-8, Whom Did We Incriminate?, Chicago Tribune. However, I'm going to link to the story on MSNBC (Rah-rah-hey! Crime Doesn't Pay!), because it doesn't require registration and there's some video from the spirit bunnies' Today Show appearance. Oh, and speaking of spirit bunnies, I've also found this interesting article from 1989, the year of Clairemont High School's 10 year reunion... perhaps you're more familiar with its' fictionalized name, Ridgemont High?


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