Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Seriously, I have really gotta start buckling down and paying a little more attention to my poor, distraction-craving readership, try to get this crap back on track for a change. And what do I have? Well... I've been saving this particular link in my bookmarks since sometime last year, waiting in the vain hope that some clever way to set it up that will make it seem at all interesting will come to me. I mean, I find it interesting, but I can't really figure out a plausible argument for why you might also be interested in reading about a beloved old local TV personality from Tulsa, unless you're an old Tulsan. The personality in question is Gailard Sartain, and a little further investigation does reveal that you've probably seen him in something... you know, the fat guy on Hee Haw who wasn't Junior Samples, he was the Big Bopper in The Buddy Holly Story? Yeah, like that. Still, I encourage you to give these three pages a chance... there are a lot of fun old commercial clips and some insight into the early career of Mr. Scary Abusey if that sweetens the pot any for you. If not the only other thing I've got right this second is this Bad Brains interview from 1981... but I'll get busy on tracking down SOMEthing of more general interest for tomorrow, mark my words. You know, something like inflatable entanglement (what is up with this 'trap-door' they speak of, btw?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh and what would sarah woodell know about punk rock.....

(you super sleuth!)

on a sad note: dave byers , who also did the interview, died a couple of years ago. he died a couple of years ago, and was a seriously underated guitarist who played in several DC bands.

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