Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It has just gone celebrity-sighting Krazy here in midtown NYC... this latest one may be the best yet, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't have my lil' camera in my pocket at the time. I was just running down to Rockefeller Center, located a few blocks south of my office building, and as I approached Radio City Music Hall I noticed that there was a bit of a crowd and metal barriers were up around the entrance/sidewalk in front, making passersby swing out into the street for a short stretch. As I got closer i first noticed two live camels... and then a herd of Rockettes in short, ass-showing red velvet Chistmas outfits, complete with red hats with the white poms on the tips... and then I saw one more such hat atop a fat and jolly red-suited man with a white beard... Santa Claus! Santa, six Rockettes, and two live camels, that's my sighting. I really don't know what they were doing out there in August... as I went around the corner there was some advertising for the Christmas Spectacular, but those tickets go on sale in November, I thought..... anyhow, Santa kicks Fiddy Cent's ass any day. Speaking of my G-Unit sightings from the past few days, there's a bit of a follow-up report in today's Daily News: Young Buck - best known for allegedly stabbing a man who punched Dr. Dre at last year's Vibe Awards - and rapper Lloyd Banks were among 13 men arrested when NYPD gang cops pulled over G-Unit's van. Hours later, a member of 50Cent's entourage, Norman Bell, allegedly slugged a parking attendant near the luxurious Rihga Royal Hotel, where the rapper's posse had been staying.


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