Monday, August 08, 2005

Hey, possible celebrity sighting here! When I was out getting a delicious tuna melt not long ago I think I spotted Fiddy Cent coming out of some building and getting into a car. Had a bit of a G-Unit posse around him so I wasn't able to get off a clean shot - as you are probably aware, Fiddy and I have a history of some mad beef, yo... I guess it all started when that song from my latest mixtape, "In Da Tub (Gonna Wet Ya)" started getting played on Hot97 all the time ("Yo Fifty, it's 'you suck' day, gonna party like it's 'you suck' day, sip Bacardi like it's, etc.") and things have just escalated from there. Really have to cool that shit down, I'm just about gettin paid, know what I'm sayin? No time for the beef anyway with all this cross-country jet-setting I got going on. For reals.


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