Monday, August 08, 2005

Here's a little something that I overheard on the TV a month or so back and wrote down on a post-it note and then forgot about until last night... I could be just about the only person who will find it funny, and I will hasten to add that I certainly don't find the actual subject of this snippet amusing, just the way that it perfectly encapsulates a certain strain of Oprahness. Because it does come from Oprah, I was flipping past one night and saw about 5 seconds of Ms. Winfrey sitting in her chair wrapping up some segment all Oprah-style, and by the time I'd flipped a few channels past the words caught up to me and I thought 'Wait a second, what was that she just said? I gotta write that down.' AND, now that I've completed this lengthy build-up to a disappointing pay-off, here's the soundbite: "If you'd like to find out what you can do to help stop baby rape, visit our-". That's when I flipped away, but I assume that she continued with 'website at, etc.... After the break, look at my very expensive SHOOOoooeesss! Aren't those fabulous? No, you people will not be getting any, I already gave you all those jars of my new favorite jam. Be right back.' Oh, Oprah.


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