Monday, August 08, 2005

Follow-up on that celebrity sighting: I was just downstairs again and it is officially G-Unit crazy over at the Rihga Royal (54th b/t 6th & 7th)... big decked out bus across the street, bunch of guys wearing black "M.O.P. - Game Over" t-shirts hanging out front... and by the way, if M.O.P. are now signed with G-Unit, as those shirts would seem to suggest, I am now officially squashing my imaginary beef with Fiddy, because I am quite the fan of Brownsville's finest, Billy Danze and Fizzy Womack. It appears there may be another new G-Unit signing that doesn't make quite as much sense as that one, however - when looking over the News section of the G-Unit website I found this incongruous item: Check out Pauly Shore's new show "Minding The Store", Sunday nights at 10/9 C. Have they replaced The Game with The Weasel? [UPDATE: Reader Andrea B. has now tipped me to this explanation of the thugged-out Rihga from Gothamist].


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