Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You know, I'm actually perking back up a little today, BUT also continue to be quite busy. There's all sortsa other sites linked over there on the left though if you yourself are not and are in need of distraction. A few examples: my new favorite Comics Curmudgeon finally takes a quick break to deal with the tragedy of Mary Worth's swans, Cityrag has two new posts that I particularly enjoy, the always great 14 Places To Eat continues to always be great as evidenced by a couple of my recent favorites, Strange Reaction, Something I Learned Today, and Buked & Scorned continue with the top-notch MP3 blogging, and though he doesn't specialize, Jason's been putting up a lot of cool mp3's at Lefthand Pathos himself as of late. A Working Mom's Dinner Diary, on the other hand, hasn't been updated in over a month... I fear the family may have succumbed to malnutrion following the last menu she posted. And Transparent Smile's Andrew, pictured above, has likewise been letting his cyberfanz down for many a moon. That 'brand-new father' excuse isn't going to last forever, buddy! Finally, if all that isn't enough to waste your available time, here's two fresh news stories you may have missed: Some Weed Grows In Brooklyn, and Snohomish County Coronor Remembered. Now get to it, whilst I get to these freakin' pie charts.


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