Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Whoa, it's a small world, this Cookie-hatted Bunny Superhighway... I found this entertaining and beautifully illustrated story, Curious George Goes to Mars, and was curious myself as to whether the Darryl Eby mentioned was a real basketball player. When I did a search the only Darryl Eby who turned up was this guy who found a biscuit-sized rock of cocaine with his friend Dutch back in 2000 in Everett, Washington! You know, up in Snohomish County, home of The Herald of Everett and the Everett AquaSox? In recent AquaSox news, Ronnie Prettyman became the team's 2nd player to get four hits in a game this season, meaning he won't need to return to his acting career anytime soon - perhaps you remember him from Greedy? That was the movie with Michael J. Fox and Kirk Douglas where the nephews of the old uncle John attend their birthday and hope gasping to that he dies to inherit the great fortune that he has, but do not tell on the presence of the Molly young person whom is taking care of the old one and which he can be a possible candidate to remain with million, as you may recall. Fun fact about the flick: Michael J. Fox was coached by professional bowler Johnny Petraglia to help his bowling style look convincing. You can get a little coaching from Johnny yourself by reading this USA Today chat transcript, where amongst other things you'll learn that he's left-handed (Oceanside, NY: My question is the lefty vs righty harressment that I always receive if I bowl good, or lead a tournament. What should be my response? They hate us, but want us on their league teams! Johnny Petraglia: I could talk forever on this answer. The first thing you can say is lefthanders have 6-year shorter lifespan than righthanders. Then you can also mention that if you want any of my other problems our country's laws are based on the bill of RIGHTS..even my religious leaders tell me a good person is a RIGHTEOUS person..- Do you want my problems or do you want to stay righthanded! Seriously, lefthanders are as good as righthanders and it's time the righthanders believed it.) I wasn't sure what they were talking about with the harrassment of left-handed bowlers, but you can find that out by reading this FAQ, which has tons of information about left-handers like the guy from Oceanside, Johnny Petraglia, and actor James Marsters, who's not only left-handed, but you know what his nickname was as a child? Curious George. It's fucking spooky, man.


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