Monday, July 11, 2005

This is the sort of thing that might be more at home over at Overheard In New York, but I'm a little light on content today and they already got the last thing I overheard that bordered on interesting (did you see it? it was something an au pair was saying to a little kid on the street next to my office, it was on there about a month ago... you might just remember it as "that really bordering on interesting one"? No? Well trust me, it was there). This was heard while I was walking down 6th Avenue, around 52nd or so, and if I had headlines I guess the headline would be Believe It. Irritated business-jerk speaking loudly into his cell-phone: "Okay, I need to get some kind of reduction here, because… because look, I’ve spent- I just got this car a week ago and already I’ve thrown close to $1,000 at it. I mean, shouldn’t the fuses still work at this point? Isn’t that what they do? I’d like to see a copy of the module. The module. The MOD-YU-UHL. Well, I need to see something. Hello? Hello? [angrily flips phone shut] Unbelievable."


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