Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sorry yet again for the minimal content today, but I thought I should give you time to truly savor the delicious quip I made in response to that messed up Yahoo! photo caption. See, they probably meant to say the Cabinet Room of the White House, but ran out of room and left off the last part, which made it seem as though the meeting had actually occurred inside an honest-to-god cabinet! In case you didn't get it. And pushing the whole thing straight over the top into yuk-tastic territory I threw in the bonus pun of closed drawer rather than the usual closed door, cause armoires have drawers. Yeah, that's some choice stuff there, boy. Also, in addition to work I've been doing some personal research to find out what people from Massachusetts are called. You know, New Yorkers, Iowans, Floridians, Californians, New Jerseyites... but no one had any idea about Massachusetts citizens, not even people from Massachusetts. Reader Andrea B. opined that there was no word, while reader Mike A. definitively replied with New Englanders, which is just the sort of liberal/commie collectivist thinking you'd expect from those people but quite incorrect. Turns out they're Massachusettans, which is the clunkiest of all the state resident terms, though Connecticuters isn't much better (which is why they sometimes opt for the less awkward "Texans", I suppose). Here's the whole list. Before finding this I did discover that Maine residents' unofficial moniker is Mainiacs, which is a little better than the official Mainers, though not so good as my guess of Maininites, in my opinion. And I agree with the person who posted the whole list that Michiganders is the best, though it would be even better if you called the ladies Michigeese. I don't think you do, though. As you may have guessed by now, there is a fourth reason I haven't written anything here this afternoon in addition to allowing time to savor, working, and state resident terminology researching: I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Tune in tomorrow when we find out whether this little rock or something that's been in my shoe for the past two days but whenever I look for something I can't find it and I tip the shoe upside-down and shake it vigorously but then when I'm walking around I feel it again is still there!


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