Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm pretty sure I did link to this Portugeuse According To Jim website before, but I have a feeling most of you probably didn't devote the time necessary to fully explore and appreciate it the way it deserves to be appreciated, so I'll recommend that you go back and try again now. According To Jim, of course, is Jim Belushi's groundbreaking television comedy hit wherein Jim tries to deal with its beautiful Cheryl woman that it makes all its desires while working as constructor with Andy, the unsafe brother-in-law who is architect, and that also deferred payment in its house, not to mention Injures, sister of Cheryl, that works in an advertising agency, and, even so either pretty, it has problems for still being solteirona."It is one face surrounded for the woman, trying to survive." Belushi adds that Jim "is not donkey. The men are only different of the women, and them they make dull things.” The area to fully explore here is the episode guide, where you can relive all your favorite episodes, like the one where when Cheryl wants to redecorate the bathroom, Jim insists on installing a sanitary vase of last generation - Cheryl promises to take the opinions of Jim the serious one when it decides to redecorate the bathroom, but it moves of opinion when Jim insists on including a vase sanitary of last generation that speaks. Or the classic ATJ I've mentioned here at least twice before, where Cheryl asks for Jim to open hand of its vices so that it can be pregnant again, plus who can forget the hijinks which ensued when Jim becomes friend of the Cheryl former-boyfriend and feels the taste to take a foot in the bunda. The time you spend perusing this site will surely provide you with muitos sorrisos.


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